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Dare to be different because that’s where the extraordinary happens. Break free from the conventional and take the path less traveled with Willowview. 

Willowview is a diverse group of engineers and strategists offering "edge to app" engineering and product development services from ideation to production. Through individual growth and positive teamwork, we solve technical problems quickly and creatively through rapid prototyping and proof of concept.

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All free thinkers welcome

We are an engineering-centric firm. We provide technical solutions through rapid development and inventing new ways of doing things. We strive to inspire each other to innovate and accelerate. We seek to support projects and products that make the world a healthier place in all ways – starting with our employees. 

Why we choose Willowview

Work from virtually anywhere.

There is talent all across the globe and we don’t want to limit our opportunities to only those in our area. We believe in our team, their abilities, and a remote-first approach by offering telecommuting with flexible schedules.

Get involved in the entire project.

Many engineering companies are siloed and provide only a glimpse into the project as a whole. At Willowview, we have the opportunity to experience the project from conception to production.

It’s “life-work” balance; not “work-life” balance.

We know you work hard so you can live the life you want to live. Everyone at Willowview has thriving families, hobbies, and dreams outside of our 9 to 5. We encourage you to make time and take time for you.

Variety is key.

Our projects can range from creating biomedical agricultural devices to designing machine learning algorithms that think like a brain, learn rapidly, and explains itself completely.

Do hard things.

One of the greatest values from the top-down at Willowview is to continue to grow and to “do hard things.” Leadership encourages both personal and professional development to help you achieve not only promotions within in your career but also on a self-fulfillment level.


401(k) with company match

Affordable healthcare

Company-covered life insurance

Employee-owned company
(stock options)

Employee profit sharing

Education reimbursement

Cell phone and internet reimbursement

Competitive market rate

Where we Live & Work

Orlando, Florida
Santiago, Chile
Stone Bay, North Carolina
Santa Clara, California
Idaho City, Idaho
Jacksonville, North Carolina
New York, New York
Boise, Idaho
Meridian, Idaho
Kimberly, Idaho
Caldwell, Idaho
Nampa, Idaho
Eagle, Idaho

Current openings

Visit our Linkedin Jobs page to view open positions.

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We are always interested in meeting new talent! Please reach out about our current opportunities if interested!

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